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Get Up | Get Down

Get Up - Get Down:  A Workshop About Sun Salutations & Other Common Vinyasa Yoga Class Transitions

We will break down some familiar transitions & sequences that show up in most “vinyasa” or “flow” style yoga classes, exploring all of the ways you move between poses.

Learn how to make these transitions suit your body & practice right now, while also cultivating a progressive approach that allows you to build strength & mobility. Our goal will be to begin to develop self-awareness that supports not only the yoga practice but also real life daily movement.

Some things we will focus on:

  • High plank - Low Plank - Upward Facing Dog (how to make it work for YOU)
  • Avoiding shoulder pain
  • Stepping forward from Downward Facing Dog
  • Building functional mobility in shoulders, ankles & knees
  • Using breath to support movement

This workshop will be perfect for people who are looking to dive deeper into their personal yoga practice. It will be accessible to those new to yoga & movement, however participants should be able to get up & down from the floor without assistance.