Some of my story...

My yoga practice began in 2010 with a trade.  A pair of screen prints I had hanging in a local coffee shop bartered for 5 beginner classes lead by a newly anointed yoga teacher, who also happened to pull a mean shot of espresso. I was an over-caffeinated graduate student chock-full of latent body shame, and ashamedly so.  Yes, ashamed of being ashamed. A marked woman.

It was love at first supta baddha konasana.

I had no idea at the time, but I had stumbled blindly into a phenomenal yoga studio full of thoughtful, knowledgeable teachers, who lead with alignment cues at every level. Teachers who concocted inspired vinyasa style classes that flowed seamlessly but kept you on your toes, excited for what might come next. It was the best kind of place to be naïve and vulnerable. I learned so much.

I became a regular, attending class one or two times a week.  Eventually I moved on to studio assistant, trading desk time for mat time. And, that was how I spent my post thesis, twilight months of graduate school, cleaning floors and building biceps.  

I headed abroad after graduate school and spent three years in Venezuela teaching Art at an international school.  Thanks, in part, to both insecurity and Instagram, I began a daily home practice.  Sprinkle in a little RYT 200 over the course of two summers spent back in the US, and there you have it,  a great recipe for the strong, empowered, contentedly flawed human that I am today. I left Venezuela for Japan in 2014 to teach art at an international school in Nagoya. During my two years there I taught weekly yoga classes for my coworkers and students as well as weekly classes for the public at a local park.

In the Summer of 2016 my partner and I settled on our land in Eastern North Carolina.  We are living the dream of building a self sustaining homestead one very small step at a time. I am savoring each moment as I navigated the transition to the life of a full time farmer-artist-yoga teacher. 

Yoga has been a powerful force in my life.  Sharing yoga, art, food, and knowledge gives me joy. I am very lucky to be able to do what I love and I hope to help others find ways to love what they do.